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February 27, 2018 #GOTD

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

#GOTD 📷🚨 📷‼️ This awesome exercise was given to me by the great @flora_harris_eventing which really focuses on the horse’s RIDEABILITY between the fences! You’ll notice that I didn’t put a striding in between the crosses (which aren’t meant to be large) because that’s really up to the user. I went with a 4 stride to a 3 stride BENDING line (for added difficulty make sure to use the fence line and another boundary after each line) in my version of this exercise. Make sure to jump each cross STRAIGHT and CENTERED and to add a BEND to each line to teach the horse to flex and supple more and more as he continues through the exercise. If done correctly, the horse should land on the correct lead at the end of each line because his pilot used the bend in the line and not the reins to balance and shorten him in his body! *Warning: this appears ALOT easier than it really students can attest to it📷😂#LÆsquad

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