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Join the #LÆ Team!


Let's reach for the stars- all five of them! Every one of my students, both equine and human alike, have a drive and passion. It is my job to channel that drive within them. I have had the honor of working with some extraordinary horses and riders. It is my goal to continue this journey and cultivate these partnerships as far as they can go.



Lessons &

Training Rides

$125 / hour

If you are interested in hauling in for several days of lessons, the stall fee is $50/night. 


For Students: 

$1,500/ Month 

Training Horses: 



Laine is happy to travel to teach clinics! A 2-day minimum is required. Her clinic rate is $2,500 per day plus airfare
and hotel. 

Consignment & Sales

All horses for sale are in full training. A commission rate of 10% is due at the time of sale. 10% is also due upon the purchase of a client's horse brokered by Laine. 

Coaching at shows

Course Walk (SJ or XC): $25

Lesson While at Show (before competition): $125

Coaching per Phase: $50

You will not be charged if Laine's competition schedule does not allow coaching during your times. You will also not be charged if Laine happens to come by to watch your round without you scheduling it. These costs apply to all students, whether you are shipping in or on a full training board. Please contact Laine directly to schedule coaching.

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