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 As Laine’s students will tell you, she has an incredibly positive attitude and a lot of patience. She is very quick to praise and always makes sure that her students leave each lesson with a smile on their face. 


Laine is available for lessons when not at shows. 


She also gives clinics world wide. Please contact Laine if you are interested in hosting a clinic or would like more information about lessons.


Laine is also available to do training rides on horses and is excellent with a wide variety of horses, including young/green horses. She instills confidence as well as a great work ethic while teaching them to properly carry themselves and jump. Please contact her to discuss training options. Laine is also usually able to take clients’ horses to shows if there is room in her trailer, so if you are interested in getting your horse some show mileage this may be ideal for you. 

Laine is available for clinics nationwide.


Laine is also available for coaching and catch riding at the events she is scheduled to go to.

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